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Financial Literacy

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Investing in your future is a fundamental step towards achieving long-term success and fulfillment. Financially, it means setting aside funds in savings, stocks, or other growth opportunities, providing security and the possibility of a comfortable retirement. Beyond finances, investing in education and skill development opens doors to better career opportunities and personal growth. Commitment to a healthy lifestyle is an investment in well-being, enhancing quality of life and longevity. Entrepreneurial endeavors or personal projects reflect investments in creativity and passion, often leading to both personal satisfaction and financial rewards. Even responsible investments aligned with personal values can create positive societal impact. In essence, investing in your future is not merely a financial strategy; it’s a comprehensive approach to building a life that aligns with your goals, values, and aspirations. It’s about laying the groundwork today for a more prosperous and fulfilling tomorrow.

Debt Help

Reduce Your Monthly Debt Payment


You’ll get out of debt faster than you ever imagined with the help of our expert team of negotiators.

We are aware that not everyone would benefit from debt relief. As a result, we carefully evaluate your particular debt situation in order to decide whether debt relief is the best option for you.


Credit Monitoring

A straightforward and creative method of viewing your credit report. Use the action buttons to ask inquiries and solve issues swiftly.

Sort the accounts quickly into positive and bad ones, and check your auto-score, insurance-score, and more!


Disputes Manager

You can dispute as many accounts across all 3 bureaus at once. No matter how many accounts you have to dispute, myNovaeDisputes can handle and keep track of them all.


Personal Wealth Management

The original purpose of the Spendthrift Trust was to safeguard the family fortune against the careless spending of a Beneficiary. It is now employed as a powerful estate/financial planning instrument that provides defense against legal action, creditors, divorce, and/or probate. Spendthrift, Non-Grantor, Irrevocable, Complex, and Discretionary clauses all work together to guarantee the highest levels of privacy protection, tax savings, and discretion. By using this structure, Trustees can make complex financial decisions for the Trust, such as the distribution of funds to or on behalf of beneficiaries without going directly to their creditors, while also ensuring proper guidelines are followed, preventing corpus penetration, ensuring assets are not handled irresponsibly, and monitoring asset handling. A financial and legal plan called the Spendthrift Trust has measures that guard families’ money for future generations.

One Size Fits One

Create a Business Credit Strategy That Works For YOU

At our firm, we specialize in securing the business credit you need to fuel your growth. Whether you’re a startup looking for initial funding or an established enterprise aiming to expand, our tailored solutions are designed to match your unique needs. We understand the challenges businesses face in acquiring credit, and our experienced team works diligently to simplify the process. With our network of lenders and profound understanding of the financial landscape, we provide you with the resources to unlock opportunities. Trust us with your business credit needs, and we’ll be your partner in taking your business to the next level.

Consumer Financing

To increase approval rates, Novae collaborates with a credible network of many lenders and applies a waterfall algorithm. Customers are therefore more likely to find financing solutions.

Free Business Registration

You will receive a digital copy of your start-up legal documents, such as your articles of organization or articles of incorporation—also known as a certificate of formation or an organization—and save it in our online client portal for quick access.

Business Essentials

We and our reliable partners offer a range of products and services to help get your business rolling, whether you run a startup or an established one.

Employee Retention Credit

An average of $130,000 has been claimed by over 500,000 businesses. We specialize in assisting companies in maximizing their reimbursement from ERCs (Employee Retention Credits).

Business Funding

We provide business funding solutions across all 50 states, catering to enterprises of all sizes and stages. Our extensive network and customized approach ensure that you receive the financial support tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re launching a startup or expanding an established business, our seamless process makes acquiring funding straightforward and efficient. Partner with us, and let’s unlock the potential of your business, no matter where you’re located in the U.S.

Financial Services

E & S Direct LLC an affiliate of Novae Money brings you all the financial services you could ever need in one place!

Auto Loan Refinancing

Receive offers to refinance your auto loan in less than 60 seconds.

Credit Cards

Choose the credit card that best meets your needs by comparing and choosing offers from reputable issuers.

Tax Preparation

Use Novae’s Tax Partner and Be Eligible for a Same-Day Instant Tax Refund Advance Up to $7,000

Student Loan Financing

Receive offers to refinance your student loans in less than 60 seconds.

Personal Loans

You can find loan providers who work for you through Novae Financing.

Credit Likes

Paying for services that don’t work carries no risk. If you don’t get any results, we’ll give you a complete refund*!

"Their dedicated team has been able to bring my credit score up tremendously by monitoring my credit between the three credit bureaus and resolving issues with providers. I had a credit score of 500 and it went up to 757 in just 90 days. Not only that I'm fixing my credit, in which I'm excited about it, but, I was able to buy a new car and 8 months later I was able to buy our dream home.. I am so grateful!" 🙏

Kris M.

"I love the easy-to-use, step-by-step process that gets you going in the right direction to make a difference in your community, leave a financial legacy, and build generational wealth. I'm excited to embark on my new journey with Novae as a great support system."

Natalie P.

"Novae has provided a solution and satisfied a need. I needed to find a way to become financially literate, empowered to impact my finances, and partner with an organization dedicated to results. Over delivery is the norm. I get everything I need and more. Great people doing great things."

Glen G.

Novae offers a wide variety of options for any business owner, aspiring business owner and individual. This is a great compliment to my real estate business.

Karonna H

I Love Noave because when i was so fed up with seeing how horrible my credit was and being denied over and over again, I finally said you know that is it! It is time to take the necessary steps to fix my credit to allow me the opportunity to get better interest rates and become a homeowner. What started off as a consultation ended up with me enrolling as an affiliate.

Jamiel F

I love novae money because it helps with your credit and it also help with your business. Novae is a great company because everyone works together to leave a legacy!

Corya S

Hiiiiii. I am Marcedes Morrow (Shipp) I have just joined Novae 3 months ago and oh my I never imagined being in a financial space where I had freedom to do as I please. Eat as I please. Treat my family I’m more emotional than anything because here all of my dreams are coming true and I thought life had passed me by. Glory be to God🙌 I’m so proud and Honored just to know that just like anyone else can I can to. A little about my background I’m a Native of Tunica Mississippi. I grew up around violence and drugs I even played a role. But once I was introduced to this platform my life began to change my mindset elevated. My family became proud of me. It’s an amazing feeling to be apart of greatest. To break Generational Curses, to be the one to fill the gap and I thank our CEO for making it all possible. Let’s go Novae 💃💃💃 I am herrrrrre and I will be one out of many women that hit the highest title and Partner with you guys.

Marcedes M



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E & S Direct LLC Financial Services

E & S Direct LLC, an affiliate of Novae Credit and Money Company, is your go-to provider for tailor-made financial services. Whether you’re an individual seeking to enhance your financial well-being or a business aiming to streamline operations, our expert team offers personalized solutions to meet your unique needs. From budgeting tools and investment advice to innovative business financial management, our commitment to integrity, transparency, and efficiency ensures that your financial goals are within reach. Partner with us today for a brighter financial future.

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